In part due to the increased secularization of life in Barcelona, there are not as many places now to purchase religious items such as spiritual books, prayer cards, rosaries, medals, statues, and so on as there once were. However, the following is a list of establishments where Catholic items are still available. Keep in mind that some of the larger churches will have an area where candles, prayer cards, and other items are sold.

Antiga Cereria Lluís Codina
Bisbe, 2
This shop was founded in 1825, around the corner from the Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace. They manufacture numerous types of candles for liturgical and personal use by hand. They also carry a selection of statues, prayer cards, icons, Nativity scenes, and other Catholic items.

Cerería Subirà
Baixada Llibreteria, 7
The oldest and quite possibly the most beautiful shop in Barcelona, first opened in 1761 and reflecting the Rococo opulence of that era. They manufacture hand-made candles for liturgical and personal use, as well as carrying items such as soaps and lotions. They are located close to the Cathedral.

Estampería San José
Boters, 7-9
This small, very traditional Catholic shop close to the Cathedral opened in 1919 is packed to the rafters with all kind of beautiful crucifixes, statues, icons, rosaries, medals, and other Catholic items, many of which are made by the company which operates the shop. Whether you are looking for a simple chaplet rosary or a huge statue of your favorite saint, this is THE place to go. Prices range from inexpensive to family heirloom level. International visitors can also shop or make inquiries online

Llibreria Balmes
Duran i Bas, 11
This is probably the best Catholic bookstore in Barcelona, founded in 1920 and located a couple of blocks from the Cathedral. Most titles are in Catalan or Spanish. They have a wide selection of both new and used books on theology, history, philosophy, and culture, as well as children’s books. They also carry a number of different types of holy cards, as well as a selection of CD’s, DVD’s, medals, rosaries, and other Catholic items. You can also shop online internationally by credit card or Paypal.

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